Posted on 06-Nov-2018

Personal Trainer Glasgow

OK, yes, I know we have plenty of weeks to go, but we know one thing that is rapidly approaching that will start to take over our thoughts soon and that’s Christmas.

We know it’s a dreaded word that is only whispered in some places, certainly when its so close!

We all know that we are going to put on a few pounds over the holiday period, but we never put a plan of action into place to help our bodies to actually cope with the extra pressure those few pounds places on our organs and joints... Why is that?

Then there are the parties to consider, wouldn’t you like to be looking awesome in your posh frocks and suits without risking cutting off your blood supply!

If you start now and continue with your new found lifestyle, you will be a calorie burning machine come Christmas.

Our ‘Christmas Trimmings Program’ is yours for just £35 per session Or £220 per 8 sessions!
You will get the following:

• A personalised ‘BusyFit’ unique nutritional & exercise system.

• Full nutritional back up support from our PT team.

• 2 x 40 mins personal training sessions Per week.

• A targeted workout plan (home or gym based) to keep you on track between Personal training sessions.

Now how’s that for organised?

Get in touch and get organised this year, start early and get the results that you have always wanted

Paul Rutherford PT

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